How to use this Guide
This guide is designed for small businesses to let you to access helpful accounting and finance advice while your business is in its earliest stages, and perhaps has not appointed an accounting partner yet.
The sections in this guide cover everything you might need to know from starting your business, to running your business compliantly and efficiently. If you have already formed your company, use the navigation menu to skip to the relevant section.

What is in this guide?

This is the course version of everything that a good accountant would cover with you if advising you as a new client. This course contains:
  • A step-by-step guide covering what you should know about small business accounting
  • An 19-point checklist for assessing if an accountant is right for your business
  • Downloadable templates throughout to save you re-inventing the wheel

Why is it free?

We provide these tools for free to help you make an informed decision and help you get started with quality advice while you may still be bootstrapping and costs might be an issue.
Last modified 1yr ago