Our pricing

How much does it cost?

It depends. But for 99% of you, you'll receive the standardised pricing below. We've replicated the details below in an interactive pricing calculator for UK businesses for those who prefer to look at things this way.

One benefit of being focused exclusively on ecommerce, is that we have a clear idea of how work scales based on revenue and business model, and are able to offer most sellers the standardised pricing below.

All prices are shown excluding VAT because most of our clients are VAT registered or will be in the next 6 months, so VAT exclusive is the real cost. If you are not VAT registered, add 20% to the fees below.

The below pricing is for UK businesses. If you are a non-UK business looking for VAT services, skip to UK VAT for non-UK business pricing


What is included?

The accounting service fee is based on your revenue because this is the most reliable indicator of the level of work involved and the scale of our liability.

We charge monthly to spread the annual fee and because you can access advice from the point you sign up, and this will be based on your provided estimated revenue for the current year.

After the year ends and the actual revenue is known, we will charge (or refund) an amount so that the total you pay per financial year is exactly 12 x the monthly fee below for your actual revenue.


Sole Trader

Limited Company

Less than £50,000



£50,000 to £100,000



£100,000 to £200,000



£200,000 to £300,000



£300,000 to £400,000



£400,000 to £500,000



£500,000 to £632,000



£632,000 to £1,000,000



£1,000,000 to £2,000,000



£2,000,000 to £3,000,000



£3,000,000 to £4,000,000



£4,000,000 to £5,000,000



£5,000,000 to £6,000,000



More than £6,000,000



What is included?

This service includes us preparing and submitting all annual UK filings required for your business, to both Companies House and HMRC, as well as your Confirmation Statement.

It also includes you being able to access your accountant for any compliance advice throughout the year.

For a Sole Trade, this fee includes your basic self assessment.

What might be out of scope for advice?

Generally any query that is accounting and tax in nature is in scope. For queries that would generate preparation work as opposed to research work, these are generally out of scope and we would provide a quote. Examples of these would be preparing and filing an R&D claim or preparing a mortgage certificate.

Research in areas outside of our jurisdiction. i.e. not UK tax law, will be out of scope, but where something is ecommerce specific we tend to provide guidance.

For example, we cannot file US Sales tax filings, but we can give you clear guidance on what solution sellers use, and how to find out when it may apply to you. Similarly for EU VAT, we can provide guidance and are well aware of the rules that apply in order to ensure you do not declare VAT in the wrong jurisdiction, but cannot file your returns for you (at least not until the EU VAT changes in July 2021).

Bookkeeping and VAT

What is included?

The bookkeeping and VAT fee is based on the time and complexity for your bookkeeper to handle your books, and is priced at £30 per hour.

It is not possible to know the exact level of time required to complete your books before seeing them and going through your transactions in detail, e.g. if you deal with one supplier only, your bookkeeping will be cheaper. If your expenses are varied, in multiple currencies, etc. then it will take more time. However, we have provided you the ranges below based on business model and expected complexity to give you an indication.

Once we have handled your first period of books we will let you know the fixed monthly fee we would charge thereafter. As your business grows, your bookkeeping may become more complicated, and we'll let you know if this means we need to update your pricing.


Few complexities

Some complexity

More complexity

Shopify Seller (or other single channel website platform like WooCommerce, Magento, etc) or Dropshipper

40 - 75

Dropshipper using PayPal and Shopify Payments. Not VAT registered, low volume

100 - 200

VAT registered Dropshipper, Additional Store, Additional Payment Gateways, medium volume

210 +

High Volume Dropshipper, Multiple Stores, VAT registered, mixed VAT treatment e.g. some non-UK VAT sales some UK VAT sales

Private Label Seller

50 - 95

Amazon FBA seller not VAT registered, low volume

105 - 240

Amazon FBA seller VAT registered to PAN-EU Registered, medium volumes

260 +

Large volume FBA Seller, PAN EU, plus additional sales channels

Online/Retail arbitrage seller

60 - 105

OA/RA Seller not VAT registered

125 - 250

OA Seller VAT registered

275 +

Large volume, OA Seller, PAN EU, multiple sales channels

Complex Seller / Multi-channel / Unknown

75 - 150

Not VAT registered

175 - 300

plus one or two complexity factors

325 +

Same plus multiple complexity factors

What is included?

Bookkeeping is the reconciliation of all of your bank transactions with the activity of the business, and classification of all transactions into their correct accounting categories. Bookkeeping is the basis for preparing VAT returns and annual accounts.

Bookkeeping additionally lets you obtain quality Management Reporting. The reporting available by default in Xero is powerful and easily configurable and will let you see your P&L and balance sheet up until when your bookkeeping was last completed.

We will complete your bookkeeping on a quarterly basis, but if you wish, we can do so on a monthly basis instead for an additional fee of c. 40-50%.

Bookkeeping Software

What is included?


Cost (GBP)





Receipt Bank






You receive the top tier package for both providers and benefit from our partner level discount.

What is included?

We use a software called Xero to complete your bookkeeping (to which you will also have access). The cost of Xero is £27 per month (RRP £30 for the multi-currency tier we use).

We use a software called Receipt Bank to capture and process your invoices (you simply email yourcompany@receiptbank.me). The cost of Receipt Bank is £10 per month (RRP £40 for the unlimited tier).

The total fee for these software licences is £37+VAT per month and is in addition to your bookkeeping fee. We show this fee separately for transparency.

Payroll and pensions reporting

What is included?



Cost (GBP)

Base fee


Payroll per employee


Pensions reporting per employee




Cost (GBP)

Set up your PAYE scheme


Set up your pensions auto-enrolment scheme with NEST


What is included?

We will prepare your monthly RTI submissions to HMRC, plus pensions reporting if applicable. If you need us to register you for Payroll or set up your workplace pension with NEST, we can do this for you as well as handle the declaration of compliance required by employers.

Self Assessment a.k.a. Director Tax Returns

We charge a base fee for completing your return plus a specific fees based on which specific additional self assessment pages apply for your circumstances.

A typical fee is in the range of £130 - £150, but will be higher for example if you have foreign income to declare, multiple property rental incomes, or have been buying and selling EIS or VCT shares on which you have reliefs to claim.

Base fee
Specific pages fees
Base fee

The base fee is £125.

For a Sole Trader this fee is included in your accounting fee.

Not everyone needs to complete a self assessment. The most common reasons are if you are a Sole Trader or have received more than £2,000 in dividends (the Dividend Allowance) during the tax year. If unsure, you can use HMRC's self assessment checker

Specific pages fees

These are the fees that may apply if the below are required for your return.


Employment (P60 + P45)


Per P60 or P45 that needs to be included in your return

Employment (P11D)


Per P11D that needs to be included in your return

Self Employment (sole trader)


Reporting for a sole trade other than your ecommerce business

Pension Income + Benefits

State Pension


If you have a state pension reported

Private Pension


Per Private Pension source reported



If you claim Jobseekers or ESA, this needs to be included on your return

Other Income

Bank Interest


Per Interest source to report if exceeding your interest allowance



Per Dividend source (not per dividend) after dividend allowance

Property Income

UK Property


Per rental property

Furnished Holiday Lettings



Foreign Income



Per foreign employment reported



Per foreign pension reported

Bank Interest


Per foreign bank interest reported



Per foreign dividend source reported

Land and Property


Per foreign land and property reported


Discretionary Payments


Per discretionary payment source reported

Non-Discretionary Payments


Per non-discretionary payment source reported

Income chargeable on settlors


Per income chargeable on settlors reported

Tax Reliefs and Allowances

Married Couple's allowance


If you are claiming some of your spouses personal allowance

Marriage allowance transfer


If claiming to transfer part of your personal allowance to your spouse

Pension Contributions


Per pension reported

Annual Pension Allowance


If an Annual Pension Allowance calculation and report is required

Gifts to charity


Per gifts to charity reported (we do not charge for this work)

Relief on investments


Per EIS/SEIS/VCT claim reported

Tax Calculation

Student Loan


For calculating your Student Loan Tax Charge

Child Benefit tax charge


For calculating any Child Benefit Tax Charge

Claim payments on account


For calculating a claim to reduce payments on account

Personal allowance calculation


If income > 100k OR higher rate taxpayer with pension/charity payments

Capital Gains Reporting by Asset

Unlisted shares and securities


Per security (excluding any held in ISAs which do not need to be reported)

Listed shares and other securities


Per security (excluding any held in ISAs which do not need to be reported)

Residential Property


Per residential property sale reported



Per other reported

CGT Reliefs

Roll-over relief


Per roll-over relief claim reported

SEIS exemption relief


Per seis exemption reported

PPR relief


Per PPR relief claim reported

Lettings Relief


Per Lettings Relief claim reported

Business Incorporation Relief


Per business incorporation relief claimed

EIS deferral/disposal relief


Per EIS deferral/disposal relief claimed

VCT deferral/disposal relief


Per VCT deferral/disposal relief claimed

Company Formation and Registered Address

We can form your company for you and provide you with a registered address. However, as accountancies move address occasionally, and do not have dedicated mail and parcel forwarding infrastructure, we would generally recommend using a dedicated formation agent and serviced address provider - see our specific advice on this here: registering a company.

For forming your company we will charge £75. For registered address services we will charge £10 per month and will open and handle any correspondence from HMRC and Companies House. Anything else (except bank statements) will be returned to sender, so please be aware this is not appropriate to use as a correspondence address.

VAT Registration

We can VAT register your business for you and the price depends on if you are a UK business or not because the process is slightly different depending on your business jurisdiction. We charge £120 for a UK business and £175 for a non-UK business.

If you want to better understand when you need to VAT register, check out our specific advice on this topic, which includes a guide on how to register yourself for free:

I’ve done £40k revenue or less. Can you do my accounts?

Please bear in mind that our starting band for accounting services is for businesses making up to £50k per year. If your current revenue is significantly below £50k, then we may not be the right accountants for you, as the lowest fee we would charge for filing a full year set of accounts and the required bookkeeping (12 x £79 + VAT for a Limited Company plus an amount depending on the complexity of your bookkeeping) would represent a significant portion of the business' annual profit.

Pricing for VAT-only services (non-UK businesses only)

UK VAT Returns
VAT Registration
UK VAT Returns

A take-on fee which is £150+VAT.

The ongoing VAT service fee is based on the amount of UK VATable revenue you do in the VAT quarter we are preparing for you because this is the most reliable indicator of the level of work involved and the scale of our liability.

VATable Revenue in VAT quarter (GBP)

Quarterly fee (GBP)











Per additional 25k


VAT Registration

If you are not already VAT registered and would like us to VAT register your business we charge £175.

How and when do I pay you?

Once you have reviewed prices and decide to sign up, we will charge the first month’s fee at sign up, and then take ongoing payments by Direct Debit via GoCardless (for UK businesses) or via Stripe (for non-UK businesses for whom we are providing UK VAT services).

You start by paying the monthly accounting fee only, and once we’ve set up your payroll / bookkeeping / VAT, only then would we add these services to your monthly invoice. Self Assessments (if you need them) are billed annually since your personal circumstances change and it is not possible to know in advance what your requirements will be (however costs can be know up front by reviewing our pricing tables).