Put money into your business
How to do it and the implications
Good news! It's very simple.
Limited Company
Sole Trader
If you want to put capital into the business, all you need to do is transfer money to the business' bank account from your own account. It will be recorded as a 'director loan' and can be repaid at any time with zero tax implications for you or the business.
When making the transfer, give it a reference like "Director Loan Payment" to make it easy to identify when handling your bookkeeping.
There's nothing you need to do. Any money you wish to use for your business can be used freely. For your own reporting you will want to keep track of how much money you have set aside for or 'seeded' to the business.

Can I reclaim pre-incorporation expenses?

Anything you have paid for personally which was wholly and exclusively for the business, can be reclaimed later (subject to a 7 year time limit). So, any website development, hosting, costs of samples, can all be reclaimed.
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