When and how to register for UK VAT
Below you can see how to get VAT registered. If you need a bit of guidance on what UK VAT is, how to calculate it, when to register, and which scheme is appropriate, read our UK VAT page first, or jump to key sections:

How long does it take to VAT register?

Getting a VAT number takes between 7-30 days.
It is usually at the higher end of this range for non-UK businesses, who also are sometimes, but not always, subject to a secondary questionnaire.

How to register

You have a couple of options for registering:
  1. 1.
    Self register directly with HMRC by following the guidance in this form.
  2. 2.
    If you are already our client we can prepare and VAT registration form and we will check your responses and submit for you.
We apply for you (existing client)
We apply for you (non-client)
You self register

Existing clients

If you have already appointed us as your UK accountant we can apply for you.
Simply click the link below: 📝 VAT Registration form (client)
We charge £120+VAT for a UK business and £175+VAT for a non-UK business.


If you have not already appointed us as your UK accountant you can either sign up with us as a client by getting in touch first (in which case you will pay the existing client rate), or we can register you straight away on a one-off basis using our VAT registration form below.
Simply click the link below: 📝 VAT Registration form (non-client)
We charge £240+VAT for a UK business and £350+VAT for a non-UK business.
Registering yourself is free and whilst slightly more time consuming, most people are able to get there in the end.
First, download HMRC's associated guidance document:
HMRC's VAT Registration Notes
  1. 1.
    Decide whether the Flat Rate or Standard scheme is appropriate for you
  2. 2.
    Go to HMRC's VAT registration page and follow the onscreen instructions: https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/business-account/vat
  3. 3.
    When prompted, apply for an EORI number if applicable, i.e. if you import or export goods across the UK border..
During the application, you will be asked about appointing a tax agent or representative:
If you have already engaged us as your accountant, select 'The tax agent', otherwise select 'The business':
You’ll be asked to supply the following agent details on the next page:
Business Name: Ecommerce Accountants LLP VAT Registration Number: 287214880 Company Registration Number: OC413282 Telephone Number: 020 7520 2676 Date of appointment: select the date you signed up Email address: [email protected]
For non-UK businesses, HMRC often, but not always, issue a second questionnaire after application to complete, which you will need to complete.
The questions are specific to your business and usually self-explanatory, and we are available to provide guidance as required if you have appointed us to apply for you.

What happens after I am registered?

First you will receive confirmation of your successful application along with your VAT number. Two to three business days later your VAT certificate will be visible in your online HMRC account, along with confirmation of your assigned VAT quarters, i.e. the schedule on which you will file returns.
You now need to complete your bookkeeping on a VAT-inclusive basis so that you can complete quarterly VAT returns. The deadline for each return and associated VAT payment is one month and seven days after each VAT quarter ends. Let us know, and we will be happy to handle these for you.
On your first VAT return, you'll be able to reclaim any VAT paid on whatever inventory you held at your VAT registration date, as long as these items were bought in the last four years. You'll also be able to reclaim the VAT paid on services up to six months prior to your registration date. This usually leads to a repayment of VAT on your first VAT return.
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